Why? Well… Hopefully to point you to the author of the universe. First off, I am a Christian. I grew up a “Preacher’s Kid” and officially became a true believer at age 15. So my upbringing surrounded me with good Bible teaching and good examples of how to live life. Somewhere in my mid-thirties I really lost a thirst for God’s word. Not that I did not read the Bible, but no true thirst for His love and wisdom. I don’t remember an audible prayer concerning this request, but I guess He heard my asking in my heart… “Lord, please give me a passion to understand more about who you are, why You did what You did throughout history, and to show me more in Your word than I can fathom.”

What I got in response over the next number of years was a gigantic “WOW”!!! Never in my dreams would I have thought that  the God of the Bible could do everything that has been done and what he’s already done in the future. :^)  He also gave me insight into a bit of the supernatural realm through His word. Things that I could never imagine… Things that Hollywood could not CGI into a motion picture… Things that point to an everlasting creator and a love that is never quenched! He also placed a wonderful curiosity for the discovery of true history, archaeology, and what the Bible truly states about such things.

Many things that I post on this site are, by some who know me, weird and out of the ordinary. My point… Is mainly to not have you believe what I believe, but point you to the scriptures themselves. I do believe that the Bible is all you need to discover for yourself, the creator of this universe and/or any other realm that is yet to be revealed.



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